Beef Hamburger
Podolica g 200 Skin

Gluten free

  • Net product weight (kg)
  • Primary packaging
  • Pieces per carton
  • Packaging weight (kg)
  • Shelf-life
  • Item code
  • EAN code
  • ELS code (AIC)
  • 0,200
  • Skin pack
  • 8
  • 1,60
  • 15
  • 47435
  • 8033324563960
  • IT-142-061

Podolica is a beef and dairy cattle breed characterized by a gray coat, with a tendency to dark gray on the neck, thigh, on the edge of the eye and ear in the male, while in the female it is lighter, until white. The males have half-moon horns, while in the female they have the shape of a lyre.


Made with natural ingredients

For all the family

Gluten free

Skin pack pack – better, longer

Fiorani & C.

The Fiorani & C. production sites are specific for beef and pork. This completely avoids the risk of cross-contamination.

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