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Animal Welfare
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Fiorani for sustainability

Fiorani collaborates with the Animal Production Research Center of Reggio Emilia on the SSD_SUINI project – Decision support systems for sustainability in pig farming.

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  • Pork from Italy
  • Pig raised without antibiotic use in the last 120 days
  • Animal welfare certified by DQA on 100% of the supply chain
  • Lower stocking density compared to the legal parameters
  • Personalized nutritional plan for each stage of breeding
  • Games available to pigs to satisfy their natural curiosity
  • Adequate spaces that favor contacts with their peers at all stages of breeding,
    with particular attention to childbirth and weaning
  • Farms according to high safety standards

Fiorani marinated pork tenderloin g 250 atp

Tagliata di lonza piatto fiorani e c. impresa produzione carne

Fiorani Marinated Pork Loin Tagliata 250 g Skin pack

Tagliata di coppa piatto fiorani e c. azienda produzione carne

Fiorani Marinated Pork Coppa Tagliata 250 g Skin pack

Fiorani Marinated Pork Loin Ribs 300 g Skin pack

Tomahawk piatto fiorani e c. industria di lavorazione carni_ingrandimento

Fiorani Marinated Pork Tomahawk Skin pack