Environmental sustainability

Fiorani & C. pays close attention to environmental and energy saving issues through:

Responsible forest management

Exclusive partnerships with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers for skin packaging and new development projects. The FSC logo identifies products containing wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Fighting waste

Reducing CO2 consumption in packaging production

Use of washable, re-usable containers

Use of renewable energies, including a 520 kwp photovoltaic system.

Research into new recyclable material solutions.

Fiorani, winner of the Conai prize for low-environmental impact packaging.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. On the basis of these three sustainability objectives, the company from Piacenza, Fiorani&C developed the project submitted to the Conai (Italian Packaging Consortium) 2019 Prevention Competition.

This prize, which aims to enhance the most innovative and eco-sustainable packaging solutions placed on the market in 2017 and 2018, was awarded to the DuoPack project developed by the company in the Cremonini group, a cutting-edge meat processing and transformation platform, with a range of branded and unbranded productions. Conai selected virtuous companies from across Italy according to the investments made in environmentally sustainable packaging. The Fiorani&C. Duopack was chosen because:
– it is 100% recyclable
– compared to the previous packaging, the weight of the plastic used was reduced, while guaranteeing the same safety standards and shelf life
– it is produced from between 90% and 100% post-consumer recycled raw materials (regenerated plastic bottles)
– the tray shape is designed to optimize the circulation of gas inside the container and exclude the risk of product oxidation (thus avoiding the need for a paper layer on the bottom of the package).

These social and environmental sustainability objectives demand significant financial investments, which Fiorani&C. considers necessary because: “We want to give an ethical meaning to the profits we make”.

Fiorani & C. received a mention in 2017 from the Coop supermarket chain for its concrete commitment to fighting waste, as part of the project “Coop: Insieme per un futuro sostenibile” (“Together for a sustainable future”).

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Fiorani & C.

Fiorani fights waste at all levels: with packaging shaped for the product, eliminating production scrap, guaranteeing a longer product shelf-life, using new packaging technologies to reduce unsold produce.

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