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Gluten free

The Fiorani range of frersh product and the Wellness line have the “Spiga Barrata” (crossed-spike) mark, authorized by AIC, the Italian Celiacs Association.

No contamination, guaranteed

In our production sites, the whole process, from goods receipt to delivery, excludes all risk of contamination of the meat, naturally gluten-free, with other foodstuffs considered to be “at risk”.

Control plan

We apply strict controls on both raw materials and finished products, monitoring the production process, the work environments, equipment and systems. We train our staff to guarantee that our products are suitable for celiacs.



Complete controls are performed on a daily basis, with over a thousand analyses every year. All our employees and auxiliary staff are trained in health, hygiene and safety at work, as required by the laws in force, to guarantee the best production standards.

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