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Tamara’s workouts: exercises and Fiorani tartare

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Latest news Fiorani & Co .: meat, sustainability, innovations in the food sector.

Tamara’s workouts: exercises and Fiorani tartare

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Fiorani is FAI’s Corporate Golden Donor

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Confindustria on the field 2023

Our TuttoFood 2023: a charge of energy and taste at the Fiorani stand

Tuttofood 2023: Fiorani gets you moving to promote virtuous lifestyles

Sustainability and virtuous lifestyles, Fiorani’s return to Tuttofood 2023 is marked by commitment

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Fiorani finalist at the B2Best Award 2022 Superprize of the Universe

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Fiorani signs the Food Transition Pact at the Carrefour 2022 Exhibition

The Fiorani Piedmontese Hamburger wins the “Brands Award”

Fiorani promotes the pleasure of moving and gets acclaims at Rimini Wellness 2022

Fiorani at Rimini Wellness 2022