We share with you a short video and some new shots of our boys during the "Confindustria in Campo" football tournament held on May 28, 2023 which saw 20 teams / companies involved in the competition.

The formation of the FIORANI team that wore the shirt with the inscription "THE RECIPE OF HAPPINESS" under the company logo on its chest was as follows: Andriy Sahaydak, Mario Pieri, Olaiya Lukuman Alabi, Dragos Ionut Strugaru, Mattia Morelli, Theophilus Boakye Junior , Lorenzo Bartolini, Matteo Guidotti, captain.
We thank all our guys who worked for the success of the Confindustria event, the Piacenza Young Industrial Group, the Municipality of Piacenza and the Association of Piacentini Bakers