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Who we are

FIORANI E C. is a cutting-edge meat processing and preparation center with integrated departments guaranteeing efficiency and strict quality controls.

A passion for meat, for four generations

Fiorani’s experience has led to a production concept based on hub logics: a single center that receives goods from all suppliers and has full control over the whole processing chain, before delivery to the points of sale.

Separate departments for beef and pork

In this way, all the processes are standardized, the boning yields improved and complete supply information is assured at the points of sale. To avoid the risk of cross-contamination, our production sites have separate, specific departments: only beef is processed in Piacenza (60.000 m2, of which 15,000 indoor), and only pork in Castelnuovo Rangone in the province of Modena (27,000 m2 of which 11,500 indoor).

Part of Europe’s leading group

FIORANI E C. is part of the Cremonini Group, European leader in meat processing and distribution.

Fiorani’s motto, “The origin of the future” embodies the company philosophy: combining experience and knowledge of the meat sector, developed over four generations, with the “future” in mind, understood as the constant search for innovation in products, packaging and production processes.


FIORANI E C. was founded in 2004 as a processing outsourcer for Italian supermarket chains and began to develop its own sales activities immediately. The trade sector was launched by presenting a range of high-quality, fixed-weight “free-from” sausages to the large retail market. Introducing innovation, these products were successful in a saturated yet obsolete market.

The birth of a brand

In July 2018, driven by the Cremonini family, the range was extended to cover a new range of prepared cuts with a high service value launched under the FIORANI brand.

Our lines

FIORANI E C. offers a range of branded and unbranded product lines:

The company


Innovation, Efficiency, Experience, Quality, Sustainability, Research, Safety, Evolution, Flavor, Good mood, Future, Control, Commitment, Consumer Oriented, Partnership.

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