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The of Fiorani platform covers all activities from receipt and storage, to picking and loading vehicles. This guarantees control over the quality and quantity of incoming goods and an efficient, centralized stock management.

When the trucks arrive, the goods are checked to ensure conformity to the order in terms of article type, weight, quality, quantity and traceability, even by single head. For each delivery, the pH, temperature, color and SEUROP category are checked.

The goods are then stored in cold cells at a controlled temperature. At the Fiorani hub, the retail sector has a warehouse that meets store re-supply needs while guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Boning and vacuum packaging

This is the most traditional activity, which consists in portioning the half-carcasses into vacuum-packed cuts ready to be used in traditional butcher’s counters. The company’s effective IT system traces every single cut processed, head by head.

During the boning phase, the cuts sent to the portioning department and hamburger/minced meat departments are selected. Depending on the breed, the fat content and collagen and protein ratio, the standardized operations in the boning room ensure that uniform raw materials are managed by the departments.

Map/skin pack portioning

Preparing the meat in portions (slices, diced meat, minced meat, carpaccio …) meets the needs of the Large Retail Market and Discount channels wishing to move towards a free-service range. The range of fresh, quality products, always available in chiller cabinets, responds efficiently to the organizational needs of supermarkets, in terms of longer opening hours and staff management.

Fiorani has always invested in research and innovation, implementing packaging technologies aiming to increase the shelf-life of fresh products and offer a superior quality of service to consumers. The fixed weight of the packages has been found to be of great help to the retail sector, facilitating both promotional policies and the management of department costs.

Research and development

FIORANI research and development focuses especially on sustainable packaging that is more compact, made with increasingly more recyclable materials, and with a longer shelf-life to reduce the amount of unsold items. Great variety of packaging supports: protective atmosphere with plastic or polystyrene trays, heat-formed skin packs and paper packaging. FIORANI’s experience, know-how and technologies guarantee top-quality preparation and the full enhancement of the product characteristics.

Hamburgers and minced meats

We make hamburgers and minced meats in different weights and shapes in skin or MAP packs, with or without additives (spices, ascorbic acid…). Thanks to the large production capacities of our departments, all our production are made to strict fixed weights, allowing us to guarantee orders on a just in time basis and meet major peaks in order volumes.

Frozen storage

In both production sites, the goods can be stored in blast chilling cells at up to -40 °C and freezer cells up to -18 °C.


Fiorani logistics covers the whole national territory and is also structured to reach international destinations. Every delivery takes place at a controlled temperature, with the full assurance of a guaranteed cold chain. Strict controls are performed on the vehicles regularly, during loading as well as throughout the journey to the final destination, with thermographic testing.


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