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Analysis plan

The analysis plans, conforming to EC regulations, include microbiological and chemical sampling of the meats and microbiological sampling in all facilities that are a potential source of contamination.

Extensive controls

Complete controls are performed on a daily basis, with over a thousand analyses every year. With its effective IT system, the production sites are able to ensure traceability by head of all processed beef supplies, using the optional IT001ET labeling specification.

Staff training

All our employees and auxiliary staff are trained in health, hygiene and safety at work, as required by the laws in force, to guarantee the best production standards.

IFS certification

FIORANI E C. has IFS (International Food Standard) certification, given to branded food operators in the large retail sector, according to their ability to supply safe products conforming to contractual specifications and legal requirements. The model is recognized both in Europe and worldwide, promoting food safety throughout the supply chain.



FIORANI’s experience, know-how and technologies guarantee top-quality preparation and the full enhancement of the product characteristics.

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