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FIORANI, a certified organic supplier, produces a range of ORGANIC cuts, minced, portioned and prepared meats obtained from organic breeders and farming processes that respect nature.

Certified by the control body CCPB, the Fiorani Organic range is produced in conformity with Reg (EC) 834/2007, which defines its production, processing, labeling, control and certification process.

Simple foods

Organic means farming and breeding that uses natural resources responsibly. Our certified ORGANIC products help you to live a natural lifestyle that privileges simple, genuine foods. The products in the ORGANIC range are born, reared and processed in harmony with the rhythm of nature, paying full attention to animal well-being. This is the way to being sensitive to the world, safeguarding the environment, rural development and the ecosystem we are part of.
Organic farming forbids the use of GMO products.



Animal Wellbeing

Simple genuine food


FIORANI E C. pays close attention to the environment and energy saving, using renewable energy and identifying new packaging solutions using recyclable materials.

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