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Tuttofood 2023: Fiorani gets you moving to promote virtuous lifestyles

FIORANI undertakes every day to introduce and promote virtuous practices, in production processes as well as in company life and in the social fabric to which it belongs. It is important to value every small gesture in favor of the well-being of people, communities and the environment.
The company, also present at the 2023 edition of TuttoFood Milano at the Fiera di Milano Rho from 8 to 11 May, therefore symbolically invited visitors to "get going" with an interactive activity, pedaling and illuminating with their energy the FIORANI tree. At the end of the experience, everyone was honored with an illustration by the Milanese graphic designer Federico Monzani who invites us to make a small commitment to ourselves and the world around us. The goal is to show that every little gesture can make a difference.
For FIORANI the company and its products are seen as part of a wider ecosystem, in which it becomes essential to be bearers of positive values and concrete actions that affect the environment, economically and socially to leave a positive mark on life of people, in the community and on our planet.

Naturally, Tuttofood Milano is also a showcase for presenting the range of FIORANI products and the latest novelties to buyers and customers, in the name of practicality and taste.
Three of the new entries are designed for those who have little time to cook: Cooked pork knuckle, Loin Ribs with BBQ sauce and Chicken breast. They are pre-cooked and meant to be revived simply and quickly in the oven, microwave or pan. To have in a few minutes a special dish linked to particular recipes, such as shank, prepared with innovative methods, but with a traditional recipe, reminiscent of grandmothers' cooking.
News also in the pork and in the guaranteed gluten-free products with the Dorati line: the pork Bombette with bacon are joined by the new Arrosticini di Suino Gratinati and the Straccetti di Pork Gratinated. They are all made with a special recipe with crunchy and tasty gluten-free gratin, which does not require frying, to eat with taste while reducing calories. Excellent for lunch, dinner or for a delicious aperitif with friends. The novelties do not end here, in addition to the consolidated ranges of hamburgers and tartare, Entrana, beef meatballs, marinated beef and pork slices were presented.

Fiorani’s goal is to intercept the needs of consumers by offering products that simplify life and allow you to prepare balanced dishes, rich in flavor and gluten-free, even with very little time available. Food, as the company motto says, is a heritage of all times, a handed down value that must be valued and respected. Fiorani responds to this challenge by offering very practical, good and sustainable packaging. Attention to packaging is one of the flagships of the company’s activity which focuses on all the most innovative solutions on the market and chooses only FSC certified suppliers of cartons, labels and bottom paper.

FIORANI at TUTTOFOOD 2023 from 8 to 11 May at Fiera Milano (Rho), Pav. P2 Stand N25/N27 – P26