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The Fiorani Piedmontese Hamburger wins the "Brands Award"

Piacenza, 8 July 2022. Fiorani wins the “New Entry” award for the Cured Meat and Meat category at the 23rd edition of the “Brands Award”, the award organized by the prestigious trade magazines Mark Up and GDOWeek of the Tecniche Nuove publishing group.

The award ceremony, presented by the TV face Moreno Morello and opened by the President of the Tecniche Nuove publishing group Ivo Alfonso Nardella, took place yesterday 7 July 2022 in Milan. In front of an audience of over 200 including producers of consumer brands, buyers and Italian retailers, the best performances were declared, attributed to 35 consumer products in nine different categories and to 34 new entries.
The Hamburger Breed Piemontese by FIORANI E C. reached the top of the podium for the cured meats and meats category as part of the "New Entry 2022" contest aimed at giving visibility to the new products on the GDO market. The awarding of the prize was decided through a web survey, created on the website of the GDOWeek magazine open to industry and distribution managers.

Valeria Fiorani, resp. Marketing Fiorani, who commented: “We are honored to receive this recognition that rewards a product we care a lot about, because it is the result of a great deal of Research and Development, from different points of view. The Piedmontese Breed Fassone Hamburger was created to celebrate and enhance one of the Italian zootechnical excellences, a very lean meat, but at the same time tender and tasty. In processing we use an innovative low pressure process to better emphasize its characteristics and to be able to offer a succulent, soft and refined taste hamburger. It is gluten-free, like all Fiorani products, and prepared with natural ingredients, without adding flavorings. Furthermore, as for the entire range of Fiorani products, the packaging is attentive to sustainability: the pack in skin, in addition to being comfortable, is green, the new trays are in fact made with FSC-certified post-consumer recyclable cardboard, that is, made up of material from from well managed forests. We think that what differentiates and brings out an appreciated and successful product is the attention to detail, the Fiorani team works according to this principle. “