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Fiorani signs the Food Transition Pact at the Carrefour 2022 Exhibition

Piacenza, 23 September 2022. The seventh edition of the Carrefour Show was held under the banner of commitment to more sustainable production models. During the event, which this year saw over 150 suppliers and 3,000 participants from direct sales points and franchises, Fiorani signed with Carrefour and 40 other signatory companies, the Food Transition Pact, a mutual commitment between Carrefour and its suppliers to initiate a food transition process with the aim of offering customers nutritional and planet-friendly products at an affordable price.

For the first time in Italy, food companies have been involved by the sign in a collective commitment to facilitate the transition of the entire food system in a sustainable way towards 4 objectives: biodiversity, healthy and balanced diet, reduction of energy impact, reduction of packaging.
Fiorani is pleased to be a partner of this agreement as it fully shares the pillars proposed by Carrefour, which has already been on its agenda for some time. Precisely for this reason it is ready to present action plans and share projects aimed at Carrefour Italia customers, with the aim of raising awareness among consumers on the importance of conscious and responsible consumption.

During the two days at the exhibition space, MiCo Fiorani presented its values ​​and skills, the result of long experience in the meat processing sector and production of references under the Fiorani, Private Label and unbranded brands. Great appreciation for the tasting proposal of both Fiorani-branded products (Vitello and Gustosa tartare and Bacon-based pork bombette) and some highly successful references of the commercial brand, such as the tender and tasty hamburgers, the marinated pork range BBQ and BBQ sausages.

Fiorani celebrates 20 years of the Carrefour Quality Supply Chain

The Carrefour Show was also the scene of the celebration of 20 years of the Carrefour Quality Supply Chain, a line of products attentive to animal welfare and good farming practices, such as respect for the environment and the enhancement of Made in Italy supply chains. Fiorani received the parchment “Twenty years together for sustainability” that Carrefour Italy awarded to producers and suppliers as a thank you for the long road traveled together towards environmental sustainability. A way to celebrate the results obtained and confirm and strengthen the mutual collaboration agreement.