Fiorani News

Awards for best product packaging

Fiorani was awarded again this year at the 16th edition of the Tespi Awards at Cibus 2024. The award given to the company is for the "Best Packaging of the self-service product with Chicken Breast Ready To Eat".

The Tespi Awards, an initiative of Tespi Mediagroup, aim to enhance the commitment of companies that have distinguished themselves in the conception and implementation of marketing, communication and product activities, carried out in the calendar year 2023.

The jury, made up of 101 sector operators, journalists and buyers from Gd and Do, this year awarded Fiorani the Award for Best Self-Service Product Packaging for already cooked Chicken Breast.

“We’ll take care of the slow cooking, enjoy your time!” The recognition rewarded communication to the consumer, practicality and service value of the packaging. The microwaveable vacuum-packed internal casing allows you to quickly find and heat the soft chicken breast which we then recommend browning in the pan.

Total operation time: 4 minutes maximum, a record of convenience! The external box is also designed to be “talking”, in fact it contains all the information necessary for the consumer (nutritional, cooking and packaging disposal) according to a principle of transparency and maximum simplicity.

Fiorani, with its marinated and slow-cooked chicken breast, offers a time-saving, easy and delicious recipe. The result is always guaranteed to bring a very tender and juicy second course to the table.