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Animal welfare and sustainability: Fiorani brings innovation to Cibus 2022

The new line of products from the FBA certified swine chain has been presented

Piacenza, 3 May 2022 – Fiorani, a company of the Inalca group specialized in the production and marketing of pork and beef, returns to Cibus, at the Parma Fairs, presenting innovative and sustainable contents thanks to the new project illustrated today of the FBA certified swine supply chain – Animal Welfare Supply Chain. The goal is the enhancement of Italian pig production through a certified system of controls that guarantees animal welfare, sustainability and feed safety, responsible use of veterinary drugs (absent in the last 120 days of breeding) at all stages of the supply chain. ) and the highest biosecurity standards.

A selected group of farms and slaughtering and processing facilities adheres to the supply chain, integrated and coordinated by Inalca according to the principles of the ISO 22005 standard, guaranteeing a park of about 100,000 pigs certified since birth by a recognized third-party organization (DQA – Department of Agri-food Quality) with a control of 100% of the subjects in the supply chain.

Fiorani certified products – hamburgers, ribs, tagliata, etc. – they will be characterized by sustainable packaging and the identifying logo FBA – Animal Welfare Supply Chain.

As Giovanni Sorlini, Inalca Quality, Safety and Environment Manager explains, “the new certified supply chain hinges on animal welfare principles that go far beyond what is required by the minimum legal standards. In particular, more adequate spaces, attention to physical and psychological health, to the prevention of biological risks and to the nutritional criteria of the animals are guaranteed. In addition, we guarantee the absence of antibiotic treatments in the last 120 days of breeding and we impose stringent checks on animal welfare indicators during all stages of transport and slaughter “.

“Today, consumers are increasingly oriented to the purchase of meat from sustainable farms”, explains Valeria Fiorani, Fiorani & C Marketing Manager. “Fiorani, taking these requests seriously, and has also created a logo dedicated to the new FBA certified supply chain to help the consumer make more informed and meaningful choices. Furthermore, the packaging of all the products of the new supply chain is also designed in a sustainable way, with Skin vacuum cartons that guarantee a longer shelf-life of the product, and FSC-certified trays, with material from responsibly managed sources “.

FIORANI E C. was born as a meat processing platform and copacker of the most important brands operating on the national territory. It is a partner of Inalca (which holds 51%) which in 2018 promoted the launch of the FIORANI brand with a complete line of portioned and prepared ready-made beef and pork products. The company uses state-of-the-art specialized production facilities to avoid the risk of cross-contamination: two dedicated exclusively to the processing of pork-based products in Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) and Solignano (MO), and one dedicated to beef. in Piacenza, where there is also the main distribution platform of the company.