Beef Tongue Skin pack pack

Gluten free

  • Net product weight (kg)
  • Primary packaging
  • Pieces per carton
  • Packaging weight (kg)
  • Shelf-life
  • Item code
  • EAN code
  • 0,800 approx.
  • Transparent skin pack
  • 3
  • 2,400
  • 9
  • 42925
  • 2606004

Beef tongue is rich in iron and mineral salts, including potassium and phosphorus. According to Italian tradition, it is often boiled and eaten sliced with “green sauce” (made with parsley, garlic and anchovies). It is a classic ingredient of “bollito misto”, mixed boiled meats.


Portioned and ready to cook

For gourmet recipes

Gluten free

Skin pack pack – better, longer


Fiorani has always invested in research and innovation, implementing packaging technologies aiming to increase the shelf-life of fresh products and offer a superior quality of service to consumers.

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