Mini pork skewer
270 g atp Fiorani

Gluten free

  • Product net weight (Kg)
  • Primary packaging
  • Pieces per carton
  • Packaging weight (Kg)
  •  Shelf-life
  • Item code
  • EAN code
  • ELS code (Aic)
  • 0,270
  • ATP
  • 6
  • 1,62
  • 10
  • 47260
  • 8033324564264
  • IT-142-071
  • Suitable for celiacs (gluten free with crossed out ear of corn) for an inclusive table

  • Fixed weight only 270 grams (n. 6 skewers)

  • High protein content

  • Ready in just 5 minutes (on the plate/pan)

  • I can also use the oven without dirtying the stove in 10 minutes

  • Ideal both as a second course and as an aperitif

  • Tasty product that attracts even the youngest to get children to eat meat too!

  • Transparent packaging to be transparent towards the consumer

  • Sustainable tray (PET 1) with 80% recycled plastic

Grab the stick with both fingers to enjoy more!


Ideal for the grill

For a dinner with friends

100% flavour

Gluten free


The range of fresh, quality products always available in the refrigerated counters efficiently responds to the organizational needs of supermarkets, both for the extension of opening hours and days and for staff management.

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