Carbonara burger

Carbonara burger

Preparation time:
20 minutes

Cooking time:
10 minutes


Ingredients for 1 burger

● Fiorani bacon burger 150 g
● Hamburger Bread 1
● Medium eggs 1
Pecorino cheese 2 slices
Pig cheek 50 g
● Ground pepper to taste



Pig cheek and hamburger

Heat a non-stick pan well and, without adding any seasoning other than a drop of water, brown the bacon until it is amber and crunchy. Let it cool down. In the same pan, cook the hamburger on high heat, on both sides. Keep it aside, warm.


Use the same pan again to cook the fried egg, just long enough to see the egg white cooked: the yolk, on the other hand, must remain melting. Season with ground pepper.

Make the burger

Cut the bread in half and toast the cut part, then lay the Pecorino on the bottom, then the hamburger, the egg and finally the crumbled bacon. Yummy Carbonara Day!