Tortillas with salami paste and guacamole

Tortillas with salami paste and guacamole

Preparation time:
15 minutes

Cooking time:
10 minutes


  • Fiorani pork salami pasta
  • Tortillas 4-8
  • Ripe hass 2 quality avocado
  • Cherry tomatoes 3
  • Red onion 1
  • Chilli 1
  • Lemons or limes 1
  • Sour cream to taste
  • 1 yellow and 1 red peppers
  • Cooked red beans 50 g
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Come si preparara


Skip the peppers and salami pasta

Cut the peppers into ribs and sauté them in a pan over high heat. Add the coarse-grained crumbled salami paste and cook for a few seconds. If you want, add salt and pepper.


Obtain the avocado pulp and blend with the citrus juice and chilli, then add half an onion and the finely chopped cherry tomatoes. Season with salt to taste.

Heat the tortillas and fill

Heat the tortillas on a plate well and toss with guacamole, red beans, raw onion rings after soaking them, salami paste, peppers and sour cream.