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FIORANI E C. Social Media

This page was designed to promote the company’s business and offer the community the chance to express its opinion and keep up-to-date with the company’s initiatives and latest news.

All experiences and constructive criticism are important, and the page administrators try to help the users with everything they need. The company reserves the right to view all comments and delete any that are inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant to the topics discussed.

Originality is required; please only share videos, links, photographs and texts you own the rights to.

Any comments and/or questions regarding the company will be analyzed and answered promptly. However, sometimes special efforts are needed to retrieve all the information required.

Please use an appropriate, inoffensive language. Any unpleasant or discriminatory statements in relation to ideas, sex, race, religion, and any messages that are disrespectful of the beliefs, opinions and passions of others, will be removed.

Do not write a whole message in upper case: on the web, this is equivalent to shouting, and is considered rude.

Please stick to the topics discussed in the post and generally in the page.

If these rules are not respected, the contents may be removed and, in the most serious cases, the user may be reported or banned from the fanpage.

For any requests, clarifications or considerations not linked to the page contents, please use the “Contact us” function in the specific section of the official website

Social Media


Complete controls are performed on a daily basis, with over a thousand analyses every year. All our employees and auxiliary staff are trained in health, hygiene and safety at work, as required by the laws in force, to guarantee the best production standards.

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