Entrana of Fiorani beef
g 200 skins

Senza glutine

  • Product net weight (Kg)
  • Primary packaging
  • Pieces per carton
  • Packaging weight (Kg)
  •  Shelf-life
  • Part number
  • EAN Code
  • AIC Code
  • 0,200
  • Skin
  • 8
  • 1,60
  • 13
  • 47391
  • 2902141
  • IT-142-065

The Entrana is in Italian the diaphragm, a cut of belly meat. Its long and thin shape is appreciated by the consumer for its strong taste and softness. It can be grilled or grilled. It is particularly suitable for marinades, such as the one proposed by Fiorani, which intends to enhance the goodness of the raw material.


For a dinner with friends

100% flavour

For gourmet recipes

Practical and quick to cook


Fiorani products are stored in temperature-controlled cells.

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