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Fiorani at Rimini Wellness 2022 to promote movement and healthy nutrition

Fiorani, opts for new communication channels, and participates for the first time in Rimini Wellness, a trade fair to be held from 2 to 5 June 2022 and does so to meet consumers and promote well-being and healthy life, choosing between sport and balanced nutrition.

Rimini Wellness is a famous Italian event dedicated to fitness, nutrition education, sport and physical culture, and for the company to expose its assortment to the world of sportsmen, in particular to have its range of tartare tasted, means not only to make its own products known. products, but also communicate the added value that nutrition can bring to everyone's life. A company motto is "The culture of food, heritage in all times".

A lifestyle oriented to the well-being of the person involves conscious choices at the table and in habits, such as dedicating time to sport and movement and precisely with dynamism, and a pinch of fun, Fiorani at Rimini Wellness offers experiences of movement and play. At the stand, visitors can try out a latest generation spinbike, a mobile climbing wall and more. Visitors are also given the opportunity to get to know one of the most famous Italian mountaineers, Tamara Lunger. The South Tyrolean sportswoman, Fiorani brand ambassador, is, for the first time, present at a public event with the company and offers her followers a special training designed as preparation for climbing.

Visitors can also taste the Battuta di Fassone di Piemontese Fiorani breed in the classic version and with a special recipe conceived and presented during the event by Valeria Airoldi, well-known blogger expert in the world of well-being at 360 degrees: healthy eating, training, beauty , travel and fit-style.

In fact, Fiorani beaten combines taste and balance, as it is lean and high in protein. A few simple ingredients are enough and it becomes a gourmet dish that can be enjoyed anywhere, as Tamara Lunger did by taking it with her to the top of over 3,000 meters.

At Rimini Wellness Fiorani wants to enthusiastically present the company philosophy that combines experience and knowledge of the meat sector with constant research into product innovation, packaging and production processes. The products developed aim to provide high quality and taste without neglecting practicality, in response to new food needs: quick and easy recipes to cook and packages designed to keep them fresh for several days in total food safety and environmental sustainability ( packs that guarantee a few more days of life in the refrigerator and can be divided into two convenient single portions with a simple cut of scissors).