Loin Ribs Smoked Fiorani
cooked BBQ flavor 300 g

  • Product net weight (Kg)
  • Primary packaging
  • Pieces per carton
  • Packaging weight (Kg)
  •  Shelf-life
  • Part number
  • EAN Code
  • 0,300
  • Skin
  • 8
  • 2,40
  • 25
  • 47396
  • 8033324564233

Get ready to lick your fingers because with Fiorani Loin Ribs it is impossible not to. Very soft ribs with a special BBQ glaze with an expertly smoked taste that literally melt in your mouth.
You don’t need grills, plates or pans to prepare them because they are already cooked! Simply find them in the microwave and put them in the oven (or if you prefer) in a pan for the final browning. Immediately ready in a few minutes, it is the ideal dish for a festive dinner with friends.


Ideal on the grid

For gourmet recipes

For a dinner with friends

More good skin pack for more days


FIORANI’s experience, both in terms of know-how and the technologies used, guarantees skilful processing of the product which enhances its characteristics.

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