Sara Milletti
Battuta Piemontese

Ginger tartare with wasabi sauce and coral wafer

Preparation time:
20 minuti

Cooking time:
row tartare

Fiorani e Tuttofood


  • cornstarch
  • seed oil
  • water
  • black sesame
  • spreadable cheese
  • wasabi
  • fresh ginger
  • sesame oil
  • liquid fresh cream
  • chives


  • immersion mixer with beaker
  • no stick pan
  • graduated dispenser
  • small ladle
  • scoop or kitchen tongs
  • blotting paper
  • table spoon
  • spatula (leccapentole)
  • grater
  • pastry rings

How to prepare it



Expire 3 teaspoons of sesame oil with 3cm of peeled and grated ginger. turn off the heat, let it cool. filter with a tight mesh strainer. Toast the sesame seeds in a non-stick pan. Season the tartare with the ginger-flavored oil and a pinch of salt.


Mix 100 g of cream cheese with the 5 gd wasabi paste and 1 tablespoon of fresh liquid cream. Arrange the sauce on the plates and pull it out with the spatula. Arrange a pastry rings on top and compact the meat inside. remove the pastry rings, sprinkle the tartare with sesame, decorate with the chives, place the corallo wafer and serve.


To make the coral wafer. Put 15 g of corn starch in the glass of the immersion blender. Add 70 ml of water and 25 g of seed oil. Blend everything with an immersion mixer until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.


Put a non-stick pan on the heat, let it heat up, then pour a ladle of mixture in the center and cook until all the water has evaporated and the wafer becomes crisp.


With the help of a spatula or kitchen tongs, gently remove the wafer from the pan and drain it on a sheet of absorbent kitchen paper. Continue like this until the mixture is used up.