Hamburger with tomino figs and honey

Hamburger with tomino figs and honey

Preparation time:
15 minutes

Cooking time:
10 minutes


  • Fiorani maxi hamburger 200 g
  • Burger buns 1
  • Fresh or dried figs 1
  • Tomino 1 of 150 g
  • Acacia honey 1 strand
  • Lettuce salad 1 handful
  • Salt and white pepper 1 pinch

How to make it



If you opt for fresh figs, cut it into slices and sear it in a pan over high heat, adding salt, white pepper and a drizzle of honey at the end. If you opt for dried figs, proceed in the same way but over low heat and keeping the lid closed. While you're at it, cut the sandwich in half and toast it on the cut side, in the same pan as the figs.

Cook the hamburger and Tomino

In a large non-stick pan - or on a large, well-heated grill - cook the hamburger without adding seasonings. When you turn it to cook the other side, add the Tomino to the pot: it must melt in the heart but not break.

Make up the sandwich

Make up the sandwich by putting lettuce on the bottom, then the hamburger and tomino hot, finally the figs. Close and enjoy the first bite!