Rice paper rolls with lean hamburgers

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Rice paper rolls with lean hamburgers

Preparation time:
30 minutes

Cooking time:
10 minutes


Doses for 10 rolls

For the marinade

  • Tabasco sauce 1 teaspoon
  • Soy sauce 2 spoons
  • Thyme 1 teaspoon

For the rolls

  • Fiorani Lean hamburger
  • Rice paper 10 sheets
  • ½ Purple cabbage
  • Avocado
  • 4-5 Carrots
  • Lettuce




Soak in un piatto l’hamburger magro, aggiungi la salsa di soia, il tabasco e il timo, massaggia bene la carne in modo che gli aromi possano penetrare e lascia riposare in frigorifero 1 ora.


Meanwhile cut the carrots julienne style and the cabbage into strips; chop the lettuce, clean and cut the avocado into thin slices, sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent it from turning black and put all the ingredients in the fridge until you are ready to prepare the rolls.


Once marinaded, cook the hamburger for 4 minutes on each side on a hot griddle or grill then cut into strips around 1 cm wide.


Then assemble the rolls: wet a sheet of rice paper with water, leave to soak until slightly softened - about 1 minute - then place on a work surface and fill with 1 spoon of purple cabbage, a slice of avocado, the julienne carrots, a few lettuce leaves and two strips of hamburger.


Now fold in the two sides and roll up along the free edges to seal well. Place the rolls on a plate, leave to rest for a few minutes, cut in half and serve.