Savory stocking filled with sausage, radicchio and gorgonzola

Savory stocking filled with sausage, radicchio and gorgonzola

Preparation time:
25 minutes

Cooking time:
45 minutes


  • Fiorani pork salami 300 g
  • Shortcrust pastry 2 rectangular sheets
  • Leeks 2
  • Radicchio ½ strain
  • Cow’s milk ricotta 250 g
  • Sweet Gorgonzola 150 g
  • Medium eggs 1
  • Poppy seeds to decorate
  • Salt and pepper

How to make it



Slice the radicchio and leeks, to dry them in a large pan. Turn up the heat and add the crumbled sausage. Season with salt and pepper, and let cool. Work the ricotta and incorporate it into the rest.

Roll out

Roll out the two sheets of shortcrust pastry, to draw the shape of the stocking on both: the cutouts must have the same shape and the same size. Spread the sausage filling on one of the shapes, leaving the edges free. Add the gorgonzola cut into small pieces and close with the remaining stocking, sealing the edges well.

Decore and cook

Brush the entire surface with the beaten egg and use the leftover brisè to make decorations: molds, on which to adhere the poppy seeds, or writing. Bake the sock in a preheated static oven at 185°C for 45 minutes.